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Looking for something fun to do in Whistler? Grab your weekender bag and let’s go!

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This year has been challenging for many of us, we all need a break from everything that’s going on given the current pandemic. Take some time to relax, invest in self-care, and travel locally if possible.

Traveling is a little different this year for all of us. You need more planning, understand, and learn about the communities you are visiting. Also, read up on the latest COVID-19 measures in place before your next trip.

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I was able to plan my trip with, I bet you can find your next perfect getaway just here. Let’s dive into this awesome summer trip that I have enjoyed very much.

I stayed at the Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa. Read more about booking with them and why you should stay here. Best places to stay in Whistler.

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  1. Get lost where the Wi-Fi is weak: This is really the point, why you need to take more breaks. Funnily enough, I found myself always connected to the Wi-Fi networks around. However, I made it a point not to check my phone and soak up everything nature had to offer in this gorgeous town.

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  1. Visit the Green Lake: A must visit when you are in Whistler. There is numerous way to get to the lake, you could walk, bike, take the local Whistler taxi or just follow the paths around the main highway and it will eventually lead you to the stunning Green Lake. I loved it so much! It’s breathtakingly gorgeous and has plenty of scenic points, of course Insta-worthy as well!

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  1. Ride the Peak 2 Peak: This is definitely a highlight if you’re planning to visit Whistler at any time of the year. The gondola ride is pretty therapeutic if you need to catch a breath from life, the stunning views from the gondola/lifts make you feel like you are being transported magically from one Peak 2 Peak, it feels surreal and you feel like a baby wrapped around nature’s arms. It’s too good to be true, but you have to try it yourself to believe me. Some pics from my visit below.

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  1. Go on a hike around Whistler: No excuses on this one, there are plenty of paths and some way or another you will enjoy the view. I went on different hikes around the Cougar Mountain, behind the Green Lake and around town both during day and night.

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  1. Visit the SLCC culture centre: Spending an evening at a museum is the best way to learn about indigenous culture and also taking a moment to learn about Canada’s history. It’s carvings, art installations and charming appeal will make you want to come back with friends and family. The view from the deck is a must watch at the SLCC Museum.

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  1. Must do the ‘River Rafting’: Back for the second time, since I loved river rafting the first time when I tried it a year ago. It’s pretty easy if you’re active, however, do a quick warm up before you get into the boat. I went rafting with Tag Whistler, they organized this awesome rafting which takes about 2 hours to glide down the Green Lake, you meet dynamic rapids and friendly creatures from the forest. Breathe in, enjoy this experience and more on my Instagram here.

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  1. Hike At Night with Vallea Lumia: Definitely a fun family activity rain or shine. It’s a hike around the forests in Cougar Mountain, the immersive experience combines light, sound and 3D effects to create a magical experience for everyone. Travel tip: wear comfy shoes and do not miss any moments in the dark, every dark corner has its own story.

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  1. Explore the Whistler Village: It’s the charming part of this town, a real treat for everyone visiting and I say this from experience – it’s lovely to see many happy people walking around and taking time to check out restaurants, shop at the local favourite stores and enjoy the view of the mountainside.

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  1. Relax in the Scandinave Spa Whistler: Immerse yourself and maybe your soul in Whistler’s breathtaking Scandinavian bath experience. It’s worth trying and I bet you’re gonna enjoy it very much. It’s serene, calming and very much mesmerizing. My tip for travelers: visit on a weekday and beat the crowd, a must try is the hydrotherapy experience.

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  1. Go biking: Nothing makes me happier than a relaxing bike ride. Head towards Alta Lake, Green Lake or anywhere on the main street, whichever direction you decide to go – it most likely has a bike path and you’re gonna be wanderlusting forever. I did enjoy this experience very much and lost track of time. There are plenty of bike rental companies in Whistler, check them out here.


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More content on my , watch this video.

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Of course, Whistler is ready to welcome you whenever you plan your next trip to North America’s premier resort destination. Even though it’s popularly known as a ski resort town, I believe there’s more to explore in Whistler all around the year. The spectacular mountain views, hiking trails and gorgeous lakes are calling your name. I’d love to go back and enjoy the view of those stunning snowcapped mountains.

Plan your next trip to Whistler, visit:

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