Best Spring Summer Outfits for Men

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Oh Canada! I’m back and it couldn’t be a better time. Happy everything to you my friends and honestly this is definitely a time to celebrate you! Life has so much going on, we end up worrying and stressing about stuff that isn’t much in our control. And so, my mantra is to always look at the brightest things in life!

Speaking of life, I’m living for this year’s spring-summer fashion trends as across the fashion weeks around the globe. I grew up reading these titles and honestly, they have some brilliant photo shoots and tons of fashion inspiration.

As a fashionista/influencer living in Vancouver, Canada I wanted to share my take on some chic and fun ways to get ready for the season ahead. In my opinion, you need to add your personal style, comfort, and glam to rock any of these outfits. Enjoy!

  1. Denim Crushing: 

Time and again it’s proven that denim is by far the hottest material on anyone. Effortless and chic, I guess there’s no better way of saying that. I like my denim as trousers or layering as verst/jackets. The chambray color of light washed pieces of denim are absolutely stunning and I wouldn’t want to live without them.

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2. Puffy Jackets Love “Em All 

We all love a good puffy jacket. I’ve seen so many and decided these were my go-to jackets. I particularly love the Adidas one as it is very flirty and has a retro feel to it. Take me back to the ’90s and I love this style.
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The other comfy puff jacket I met was the one from Aritizia. They have a small selection of men’s pieces, however, depending on your personal style they are kinda unisex.

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3. Vest & Stripes

Stripes and vests are an easy trend that any guy can adopt right away. Remember, stripes are the go-to things men shop when they need to pick a shirt. There are so many prints and styles to shop online. I do like vests personally, it’s super relevant for all seasons and makes any outfit a star.

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4. Colour-blocking for #Vancouver

I love my colors! Believe me when I say that, you have to checkout @Jonathanho1 to understand what I mean. Color-blocking has become a timeless trend, I’ve been seeing it circling across some luxe and streetwear brands in North America. In this look, I am wearing a GUESS vest which is so street chic and helps to balance the color of my shirt with a fantastic background.

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5. Active Wear Goin…Chic 

I love a matching sports outfit. I am wearing the Adidas crop trousers and this fitted sweatshirt for the gram. The outfit is mostly black and to break the monotony I’ve decided to pop some color with my accessories and I bet every guy can steal this chic look!

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6. Leather Jacket & Versatility 

Always invest in a leather jacket. Shop now, thank me later.

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7.  Men’s Shorts for Spring Summer and vacations

I never met a pair of casual men’s shorts I didn’t love. I really love how these blue-black shorts help me amp up for spring look.

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8. Casual Blazers For Men

It’s a super complicated process to shop for the perfect men’s blazer in Vancouver, Canada. This is one essential item in any man’s wardrobe, the fabric, the structure and the cut of the blazer makes all that difference. Personally, I like blazers that are muted tones and work well with bright and dark tops, I like the ones that go from season to season. Tip: Try wearing them with shorts too.

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