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Home is where the heart is. I am happy to welcome you into my home via this blog post. I’ve wanted to share the details of my little abode and here it is, my little space with minimal interior design elements. There couldn’t be a better opportunity to partner with Dyson on the launch of their Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link air purifier.

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I am sure you’d agree that your space at home is important to you. It definitely is essential for me to live, decorate and create a minimal lifestyle but also to ensure the quality of indoor air in my home is clean and purified constantly. Thanks to Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Link I can now do multiple things without having to worry about the heater in my living room as it’s connected to my built in Dyson App via the smartphone.

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My interiors are minimal and the pantone of my apartment is mostly white, black and grey. The Pure Hot+Cool Link has a metallic finish and a very sleek design to match its functionality. I was worried about how to place it in my living room and how much space it would take up, however to my surprise the air purifier was pretty light and makes your space look stunning.

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It’s amazing to see that the air purifier is super intelligent, and I can schedule air purification, heating of the living room and even cooling of the room whenever needed. Built-in with a three-in-one machine feature it’s a great addition to my interiors.

Also I have to share this sometimes we cook in our living spaces, and I personally do not have a huge kitchen so the left over odor from all the cooking could be a mess and leaves the air polluted. This is where the air purifier functionality comes in, and believe me it’s amazing to see how in a matter of minutes you are able to purify the air in your living room. It feels great to breathe in air that is of good quality.

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As most of you know, urban living is a challenge and prices of large spaced homes could be even pricer than imagined. So for my apartment I tried to use as minimal yet essential things that could help me beautify my living space. And I hope I was able to inspire you to decorate your space and get your essentials right.

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 Decorating your home is similar to painting or any form of art. It’s like an empty canvas, you have the choice to go all out and let your imagination do the talking. The concept of my interior space is “Less is More” and I feel complete with that.

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