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It’s a beautiful day, and tomorrow will be even prettier. That’s how I see life each day. I have a million reasons to be happy and stay inspired. Big thanks to everyone for following my journey over the last few years, via Waiching’s Wall Blog. If you’re joining me today for the first time, then here’s a HELLO/ festive welcome and thank you for stopping by.

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A tale as not so old as time, because I wasn’t there to tell you that tale. However I am here now, and talking about streetstyle shoots and being a fashion/ lifestyle blogger.

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Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Memorial + Streetstyle Star+ Fashion Icon Canada + Mens Fashion + Travel in Style + Visit Taiwan + Elle Taiwan + Vogue Taiwan + Fashion Blogger + Influencer +www.waichingswall.com_3

I started blogging in Dubai few years ago where fashion, online sales and strolling in the malls was a thing. That said, Dubai is beautiful and you should go check out The Dubai Mall (sharing the link) it will blow your mind.

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From Dubai, Milano then I travelled and lived around London, Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Austria took a few trips around the coast and landed in Vancouver, Canada eh!

Florence it is!


I always knew my focus was style/ fashion blogging and that does help me a lot, even till this date. It’s like knowing what your goals are and its easier for you to achieve them.

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First up, let me tell you this – I am a big chubby kid heart and maybe I still look the part. So for me, the blog is more an inspiration to myself, for all those times when I felt that I wasn’t perfect or something was wrong, I read self-help guided books combined by my travels around the world, it helped me open up my pandora box. I realized over time that it wasn’t the opinions of people that mattered to me, but mine and the people who care about me.

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Blogging is a form of stress buster for me. And I’m sure you will find your reasons soon, once you’ve put you’re might at it. I write, share photographs of my style to express myself in zillion ways that I may not in real life. The goal of this blog is not to be someone whose bragging about stuff or flaunting things that intimidate people, but inspire people from all spheres of life.

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When you grow as a blogger and reach a point in your life wherein you have the influence on others, you get coined as an Influencer. Today I’m tagged more as a Style Influencer as I set my own trends and create my own little runway look each time. Staying true to who I am and being authentic is key. But that’s me, you can find your own niche by focusing on photography, food, beauty, health & fitness or travel etc.

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In this post I have partnered with Chapters Indigo to show you how I’ve styled this Instax Camera on shoot days. And the importance of having a fun-friendly camera, that helps you create memories for life.

It’s super easy to just get out there, find your perfect pose and snap away. I like the Instax Camera for several reasons it’s easy to use and super handy while travelling. I always carry my Fujifilm Instax Camera on-the-go, it’s fun to capture images and document little details of life via your shoots.

If you are a starting off with blogsphere, 9 Things You Should Do As A New Blogger are below:

  1. Find your voice. Figure out what makes your soul happy
  2. Invest in an inexpensive camera
  3. Choose the Social Media Platform you’d prefer to be on
  4. Follow bloggers who are in your interests / niche
  5. Learn to master your skills and stand tall as someone authoritative in your category
  6. DM bloggers or email them to meet up create a community. I still do this from time to time and this is super helpful
  7. Start creating brilliant content
  8. Brands will reach out to you once you’ve made the cut
  9. Go on photo walks and connect with photographers who can be a source of inspiration

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#Outfit Details – One of the many ways I like to keep it Street Chic

Sunnies: Dior Homme

Shirt: H&M

Necklace: Vitaly Design

Jacket: Zara Man

Denims: Topman

Shoes: Asos Man

Instax Camera: Chapters Indigo

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You can do it, if I am doing it right now. Everyone can be a blogger. To start off with focus on getting yourself a camera that suits your purpose. I personally use the Fujifilm AX-1 and love how compact the camera is. The best things in life take time and consistency is your best friend here. Years ago when I started blogging I had several people, including some of friends doubting the idea of me starting a blog, but that never stopped because I was aiming towards the eye of the apple.

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First thing first, believe you can and you shall conquer. If I am able to inspire you in any possible way, feel free to share this article. Or connect with me on Instagram my handle is @JONATHANHO1 or on Facebook @WaichingsWall. I reply to all emails and DMs, give me a shout.




Sponsored Instax Camera: Chapters Indigo you can show them here.


Grooming credits:

Narcisco Rodriguez Fragranace

Shiseido Hydrant Gel

Garnier Canada BB Cream



Dior Homme, Zara, Topman, Vitaly Design, Chapters Canada, Asos Man


Photo Courtesy:

The images belong to WaichingsWall.com



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  1. November 6, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    Love this post! Great tips and the photos are gorgeous!

    • styleboyintransit
      November 6, 2017 / 9:15 pm

      Thanks Leslie! Glad you like it 🙂 I’ve tried to pour my heart on this post and why being a blogger is more than just taking photos of yourself. I still try to stay inspired ❤️️

  2. November 13, 2017 / 6:14 am

    LOVE this encouraging post for those who are doubting themselves. So hard to ignore those doubts when you’re just starting out! Your photos are beautiful!

    • styleboyintransit
      November 13, 2017 / 6:20 am

      Thank you for the kind words! I definitely think it’s all about inspiring yourself first and then about changing peoples perspectives. I wanted this post to mean so much to those who are starting out. Glad you enjoyed it!