Casual Chic Style in Taiwan – Yangmingshan Mountains


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In this look, I’ve opted for a more casual look where I’m wearing this cute hat from Banana Republic, Asymmetrical Shirt from Topman, Boyfriend shorts from Zara, Pedro Shoes, and stripped socks from River Island.

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This look was shot on the top of Yangmingshan Mountains and is definitely a more cooler climate. This is a very relaxed look wherein I am enjoying my personal style while being one with nature. It was pretty easy and I’m having so much.

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Accessories definitely play an important role while you travel in style. Choosing cotton over other fabrics would be a great tip while you make your next trip to Taiwan.

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Sunglasses: Dior Homme

Necklace: Aldo Accessories

Watch: Tissot Official

Wristlet: Thomas Sabo

Shirt: TopMan Canada

Hat: Banana Republic Canada

Shirt : J.Crew Men’s

Belt: The Kooples

Shorts: Zara Man

Socks: Topman Canada

Shoes: Pedro Official

Jonathan Waiching Ho_Fashion Blogger in Taipei_Taiwan Tourist

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Sponsored Travel credits:

Thank you Taiwan Tourism Bureau North America for organizing this amazing trip for me.

Travel Partner: Local MRT & Taipei Buses and Taxi all sponsored by Taiwan Toursim


Other Credits:

Outfits all belong to Jonathan from Waiching’s Wall


Photo Courtesy:

I collaborated with photographer Abigail Victoria on this shoot.

The images belong to



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