Origins Canada introduces Zero-Oil Collection

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I tried Origins for the first time this summer and I think it’s super cool. Ask me why? If you have a mixed skin tone like mine – which comprises as a mid to high oily and dry skin combination, this Zero-Oil Collection is a great fit.

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Zero-Oil deep pore cleanser

The cleanser is made up of Saw Palmetto and mint. The facial cleanser reduces the production of sebum and impurities in all skin types. The cleanser has a cooling and refreshing after effect post application, due to the presence of mint in them.

 Zero-Oil pore purifying toner

 The Zero-Oil revitalizing facial toner reduced the production of oil and leaves your skin with a matifying effect. No more dry skin or dull skill, the toner also helps to take care of your skin from the pore levels thereby makes for an all time usage product.

Mega mushroom soothing treatment lotion

An extremely lightweight lotion that is great for all skin types. It instantly soothes damaged skin post exposure to the sun, or after a tiring day.

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