L’OCCITANE’s New Peony Collection

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As you already know, I love L’OCCITANE  and it’s interesting to see how their new Peony Collection is a great addition to their wonderful product assortments.

The Peony Collection is a perfecting concentrate; it is extracted from France’s Drome Region. L’OCCITANE’s Laboratory developed the PIVOINE SUBLIME complex, combining skin-perfecting peony patented extract that acts on skin cells, and mineral-based optical correctors to help immediately and visibly create perfect-looking skin.

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The collection includes Peony Petal Cleansing Oil, Peony Perfecting Mist and the new Peony Pod Masks. 

Top Fashion Blogs_Vancouver_Jonathan Waiching Ho_Style Influencer_Canada-12 The Peony Petal Cleansing Oil is infused with real peony petals from Provence. A great cleanser with natural extracts, the oil glides over the skin to give it a naturally toned skin. It leaves your skin feeling silky and velvety.

The Peony Perfecting Mist is a multi-purpose new formula mist. I always think it’s super interesting to use one of them, and how handy it is to get around them. It’s a travel-friendly and beautifying mist that is a great product for all seasons, especially for the summer it’s great for hydrating your skin.

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The Peony Pod Masks are available in three different styles. One can pick from the Peony Flash Moisture Mask, or Overnight Perfecting Mask or the Purifying Minute Masks. I personally think the Overnight Perfecting Mask is a great apply-on product; you can wake up just like you always do and have a refreshing skin that has been revitalized. The Purifying Minute Masks is also a great option for those who want to have a tightened and matte effect on their skin.

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