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I had the opportunity to experience some of the cool products from Garnier Canada and Kerastase this summer. First off I want to talk about the men’s line from Kerastase Hair Essentials.

 Kerastase Paris Homme Collection for Men

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The collection includes the hair conditioner and Kerastase Homme daily treatment shampoo I love the packaging and superior fragrance of the product. Unlike a lot of hair products that leave your hair smelling sweet, this collection is definitely a more masculine one and a great fit for the alpha male.

Beauty News For The Metrosexual Man in you 

Top Fashion Blogs_Vancouver_Jonathan Waiching Ho_Style Influencer_Canada-18 Personally I do not shampoo my hair everyday, only because men don’t have long hair and every other day or 3 days a week is great. But when I do I would add a conditioner after shampoo to retain all that hair shine and moisture.

Top Fashion Blogs_Vancouver_Jonathan Waiching Ho_Style Influencer_Canada-16 Check out their new line, I bet you’ll pick up some cool products.

Garnier Nude Effect BB Cream:

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I am in love with this product, as it’s a beautiful moisturizer and has a light foundation that gives your face a natural glow. I personally find it interesting only because my forehead is more tanned than my face and this works brilliantly for me to give an even tone texture. Also, this product is super handy especially if you are a person like me who is constantly on the go. I have used this on my photo shoots too.

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Mattifying Mask & Soothing Mask Top Fashion Blogs_Vancouver_Jonathan Waiching Ho_Style Influencer_Canada-17

Who doesn’t love facemasks? They are the most amazing things invented. I sampled the Super Hydrating Mattifying mask and Super Hydrating Soothing mask recently and I love them both.  The Mattifying mask is a combination of Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid and serum so basically it’s a bomb. The Soothing mask is a much-relaxed version of the mattifying mask however the Chamomile in this mask is a great booster and leaves your skin glowing and plumped in 15 minutes.

And believe me when I say that, it’s super easy to use. Grab a facemask, close your eyes have a quick nap and you wake up with an aura of freshness on your face. An extra tip would be to add some ice on your face before you rinse off. The entire glow shall be upon your face.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water Wipes & Water with Argan Oil 

The newest line up with Garnier Canada is a technological breakthrough combining cleansing oils with the efficiency of micellar water. The wipes and water are great way to soothe your skin from all impurities in the exposed skin. Alternatively I used them after my shoots or just to remove any particles that were collected on the skin’s surface but now can be removed right away with these wipes or water, both work fine depending on your preference. The Skin Active Water with Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, so that makes up for being a great hydrant and skin softener at the same time. I think the wipes are super great travel essential too.

Read more on Garnier Canada and Kerastase Homme Paris Collection.


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