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Someone inspiring once said to me, “Beauty fades away”.  Agreed. However since we live in the most modern era, there’s so much more to just looking good. The factors pertaining to a great skin, beautiful appearance, fragrant personality or just about anything is connected to how today’s men want to be seen.

Being metrosexual is a good thing. It’s about being conscious of yourself, accepting your flaws and working on perfecting yourself. Nobody wants to look shabby, as it could be a great turn off, for anyone meeting you for the first time in any walk of life.

Sharing some beauty news below without any order of preference.

  1.  Luxury Beauty Goes All Out at Holt Renfrew’s Newly Revamped Beauty Hall

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Read more about the best of luxury beauty in Vancouver right  here 

  2.    Origins Canada introduces Zero-Oil Collection

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Read more about the collection and why your skin needs this.

3.    Garnier Canada & Keratase Paris Homme Essentials

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Read more about taking care of men’s skin and hair essentials

4.   Aerin’s Rose Garden Collection

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Fragrance Review:  Fragrances have a special place in my grooming kit. Go Read more about it here.

5.   L’OCCITANE’s New Peony Collection

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The new Peony Collection from L’Occitane Canada is so much fun.  Give it a read.

These are a few things I would personally mix-match and probably use them together to take care of my skin. Having said that, each product has a different purpose and gives the much awaited result you’ve wanted. So, the best way to get around it is to go online or visit the retail counters do a test run on your skin or scalp and figure out what works best for you. Having said that, each of the products work differently on diverse skin types and I hope you enjoy take caring of your skin.

This article is aimed to make you feel good about yourself, and relieve all those moments you haven’t felt very metrosexual or you’ve given it a thought and needed this little push to get it out there. Hope you enjoy reading this piece.

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                                    Image Credits: Images belong to Waiching’s Wall.

Cover Image shot by Jessica Nwabuike.


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