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I always love strolling around Vancouver’s popular streets, of which Main Street is one of them. When I was invited to dine around Main Street courtesy of The Cascade Company, I hastily said yes right away. As adventurous as I am, on this occasion I had to keep my palette and culinary senses even bolder than ever.

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The event started at the El Camino’s. It was first time there, however the cheerful cantina spiced with Latin-American flavours greatly surprised me. Tapas style food with a great selection of popular cocktails and bites. I got my customized Mango Daiquiri there, which was amazing, and I had some shrimp tacos and empanadas as well. This friendly eatery is open for happy hours, brunch and totally relaxed patio dinners. Vancouver you will love this.

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Wait! I’m just getting started about my main courses. I trekked down the street along with other foodies, and we happily arrived at ‘The Cascade Room’. Think contemporary British and you’d be in for a real delight. They had an extensive beer selection, which was quite impressive. I had the advantage to order from their newest menu, so without any hesitation I ordered the pork belly with waffles, shared the ricotta and apple salad with my foodie mates.

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Oh! What fun it was. The pork belly on waffle was a true delight; I haven’t tried something like that before. They’ve got daily happy hours – so beer lovers and foodies you know how to get around this place.

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My senses were much elevated with the experience at the last two restaurants. I was trying to relish and savour each of those cuisines. As enthusiastic as I am, I had to check out our next eatery on this dine around.

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I ended up saying hello, to Charlie’s Little Italian restaurant just by the Mount Peasant neighbourhood. Yes I love Italian desserts, but that wasn’t the only thing on mind. I wanted to enjoy this chic Italian tavern right away. Tried the negroni cocktails, spaghetti with meatballs, lip smacking fungii pizza. The desserts and cocktails top the charts for this one, the pavlova and affogato were out of this world, that said the food was totally delicious. And if you are lucky, you can say hello to the restaurant’s chef too. A relaxed atmosphere, inventive food and cocktails completes my last spot on this dine around.

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If you ask me, what I loved about the restaurants? My answer readily would be everything. It’s not a cliché answer because I feel dining or eating at chic places such as the above comes with an experience and great food. The people at the eateries are passionate about what they do, and I could see that come alive through every eatery we visited. So, yes! I am definitely going back for the weekend brunch at El Camino’s, grabbing some beer at The Cascade Room and will make sure to run into Charlie’s Little Italian for a last bite.

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Let me know if guys make it there. I’d love to hear what are you favourites.

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Wana try their menu ? Get in touch with them below.

El Camino’s : http://www.elcaminos.ca/

The Cascade Room : http://www.thecascade.ca/

Charlie’s Little Italian: http://www.charlieslittleitalian.com


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