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All it takes is one song, to bring back a thousand memories”. I’ve heard this saying before and you’ve most likely heard it several times. In many ways its true, being plugged into a cool pair of headphones (such as Sudio Sweden) is a great way to zone out and relive those magical moments. Well most of us have different ways to express ourselves, personally I love listening to Spotify while strolling around the city in my cool headphones.

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Talking about headphones, thanks to Sudio Sweden for introducing me to their stylish yet portable new headphones, The REGENT. I’m loving these white headphones as they are easy to style. I have been using them on my way to work and at the gym. Oh! Yes, I do take them to the beach while I sit and read my favourite fashion magazines too. The headphones come in multiple colours and you can transition your headphone case depending on your mood. I opted for the monchrome marble design to keep it consistent with my fashion blogger mood board. However, if you feel cheerful you can opt from palm trees to the classic shades. They are a true stunner.

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It’s the age where style, design and men’s accessories take center stage in one’s lifestyle dictionary. And for sure this is a great product that has become part of my lifestyle. I listen to noise free music with the volume turned on all the way, I also use them for voice calls because of its amazing audio quality. All Sudio Sweden headphones come with bluetooth connectivity and you can charge them on the go with 24+ hours of playtime.

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Before I forget to mention, you know that some headphones are kinda uncomfortable, however The REGENT is top notch in this category I love their soft ear cushions, foldable hinges, lightweight construction, and built-in microphone. Saves up for all that extra hassle.

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These headphones are a great travel companion. And a sleek fashion accessory that anyone can style effortlessly to get their streetstyle look.

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You guys can get them too with a special 15% discount by using the promo code: waichingswall at check out. They are amazing do let me know what you guys think of them.

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