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As social beings almost everyone I know enjoys a good cup of tea. Speaking of tea, I was invited to an exclusive ‘Tea Tasting’ and a Tete-a-Tete with the lovely folks at Cha Le Tea Merchant. This full service chic tea café opened its doors at Yaletown in Downtown Vancouver and I couldn’t be happier.



Cha Le Tea Merchant is steeped in Chinese tradition combined with a state-of-the-art café/ store and a soon to open patio. Wherein tea is imported from the farms throughout China and is given a special blend to entice every tea drinker’s pallet. And before you think otherwise you’d love to give this place a try.


I witnessed a central tea bar at Cha Le where my co-reviewers and I were seated. At a first glance around the café I loved every corner that met my eye. Wooden boxed interiors, an open bar concept and an air of relaxation had got us to try some of their much-acclaimed tea. I sat curiously watching the tea being brewed in a computer controlled glass brewing system that seemed pretty intriguing. Well that’s for the evolution of tea and how far we’ve come.



I tried over 20 different kinds of tea at the café and found each of the flavours very distinct. One can tell that each tea was given the much-needed attention, as they tasted brilliant individually. The popular teas include Edge of the City, Moon light Beauty 2009, Maofeng, Cinnamon Rock, Aged Shou Pu’er Coin 2007. My personal favourite was the Iron Goddess of Mercy.


Whether you live in Shanghai, London or Vancouver a good tea can be a great pacifier on a tough day. That said I love tea dates or just a tete-a-tete with my buddies. I have my summer tea dates sorted at Cha Le Tea. See you here.



 Cha Le Tea Merchant

Website: www.chaletea.com

Facebook: @ChaLeTea

Credits: Images marked with the logo are mine. Any other imagery without logo was supplied by Cha Le Tea Merchant and shot by John Sherlock.


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