How to style men’s hats, coats & more? + My Parisian Inspired Look



Whenever I see a well-dressed guy I recognize him with his stylish gait and moreover his HATitude. In this blog post I am going to be talking about men’s accessories such as the ‘beret’ I am wearing and how to style your tailored coat or any fancy coats that has been lying in your wardrobe but now has the opportunity to get out for a walk.


I hope you’ve had a great start to the year as like anyone else. As for myself I had a wonderful holiday and used the opportunity to play dress up with all my fancy winter staples. Over the Fall/Winter season I had some time to reflect on my style and speculate on what makes each of my outfits stand out and how men like to style themselves, hence I put together this Parisian inspired look.


I’d like to say that each of us who enjoys fashion has a little affinity for Paris (fashion capital) and feel most connected to the city of love for numerous reasons. For me particularly this look has a strong Parisian vibe wherein the ‘beret’, tailored coat, flat-ironed hair and rounded rims take center stage in this look.


I had someone asked me once why wear a ‘beret’ or can men even style berets. My answer was why not it is probably the classiest men’s hat and you’ve seen all your popular male celebrities wearing them through yester years. To add to my case I also think a beret styled look makes you appear styled in a street chic appearance. I put together my beret with a tailored off white coat, shirt, striped sweaters, ripped denims and Chelsea boots. Well you wont see many men wanting to dawn ripped denims with a tailored coat or hat that is not a fedora one, but as always it’s fun to experiment. So try something new today.

vancouver-fashion-blogger_jonathan-waiching-ho_canada-influencer_best-of-mens-fashion-01A good way to stand out is to invest on key men’s accessories that not only can be reused but have a great life. Just like my Chelsea boots from Zara, which have been with me over a year and because of the tan color it totally compliments any outfit. I think every guy should have good shoes, great hats and believe me when I say it – they go a long way.


#Outfit Details:

Bag: Coach New York

Sunglasses: Dior
Glasses: Clearly Canada
Sweater : JCrew Mens

Shirt: JCrew Mens
Tailored Coat: Topman Canada (Hudson’s Bay)
Trousers: Zara Man
Belt: Ted Baker

Hat: Topman Canada (Hudson’s Bay)
Wristlet: Vitaly Design
Shoes: Zara Man
Watch: Calvin Klein



Styling your outfit is easy if you are an organized person. I personally organize my wardrobe in an orderly fashion, which makes it easier for me to put an outfit together. If you were someone who is not used to being organized it would be a great opportunity to start being planned, as little things do matter so start from your wardrobe and then to your life. As always I think any look is incomplete if it does not have a personal style or element in place, so be you in whatever you wear and keep it chic.

With Love!

Waiching! J


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