How to style a ‘Camel Coat’ + Vancouver Fashion?



Vancouver is at its best when the sun is out. The city smiles even more vibrantly than it usually does on sunny days. Everyone’s out and it’s the best time of the day. Personally I feel sunny days are about barbeques, getting a tan, glass of wine or some fancy outfits or #OOTD shots just like the one below.



In my last post and the ones before I’ve always spoken about following your style aesthetics when it comes to getting the right outfit. But today the Camel coat that I wear takes over the styling bit, as it is a piece of art on its own. The Camel colour and all its neutral elements help to blend any outfit with minimum detailing. The long woolen coat is well tailored for a man’s body and perfect for a high fashion look.

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I styled this Camel coat with my Asymmetrical shirt aimed for the purpose of complementing each layer. Grabbed a pair of torn denims and wrapped a burgundy coloured boot to complete this outfit. I opted for black cause when it comes to colours I feel most confident in black and it is easy to style too. That said you could always opt for white or denim if you feel its time for a change.


Accessorize your self and do not fall short on the detailing front. Well the sole purpose is to add some charisma into your outfit just like I did here. My favourites such as Dior, Vitaly Design, Topman etc are a great way to create a chic look.




This shoot was fun I met up with Jason Yeh a photographer whose exploring his passion for photography across newer canvases. We both understood our dynamics and kinda worked around to create some fantastic shots just like the ones you see here.


#Outfit Details :

Bag: Pedro Official
Sunglasses: Dior Homme
Shirt: Vitaly Design
Camel Coat: Zara Man
Trousers: Topman Canada
Socks: Stance Socks
Wristlet: Vitaly Design
Shoes: Dr. Marten’s Official
Watch: Swatch Watches Canada
Men’s neck chain:


The streets of Vancouver seemed friendlier that day and we had a great time shooting. I hope you guys have fun shopping these brands or get some inspiration and shuffle your fall/winter wardrobe.



Stockists: Zara, Vitaly Design, Dior, H&M, Hudsons Bay, TOPMAN, Dr Marten’s Official, Little Burgundy

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