Exclusive Press Event: Ford Canada’s Official Launch of the Ford Fusion 2017 in Vancouver


WaichingsWall_Ford Canada_Mens Fashion Blog Canada-01Summer afternoons on the west coast particularly Vancouver is ideally about a glass of wine in your hand while you soak up the sun in your patio. Well this summer is definitely about exploring and discovering new places and people for me in the most part. I would often go around places and be even more excited to explore different facets of British Columbia and interestingly enough I met this gorgeous lady (that I refer too is the Ford Fusion 2017 Sports model) at a recent press tour and I’ll be happy to share the details of the event with you as we dig in.

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Speaking of summer afternoons, so one afternoon last week Ford Canada invited me and other press/ influencers to befriend their newest offspring the new and enhanced Ford Fusion 2017 Series. We all met at East Vancouver where one of the murals of the Vancouver Mural Festival was being featured.

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The Ford Canada team welcomed me to the event and I had an opportunity to speak with them about the new series. I was totally thrilled to see the line-up of cars in diverse styles, colors and multi-functional features. It is believed that the Ford Fusion 2017 is a game changer among other midsize sedans. This version is probably the smartest, most technologically packed version of the series. Together the fusion line-up includes 3 different flavors for any driver that is the Fusion V6 Sport, Fusion Hybrid & Fusion Energi and Fusion Platinum.

Fact Sheet of the Ford Fusion Sports Model:

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  • Engine – 2.7L EcoBoost V6 Engine
  • Power – With 325 hp
  • Torque – 380 lb.-ft of torque
  • Transmission – six-speed automatic transmission
  • 0-60 Seconds – 4.9-8.5 sec (MT est)
  • Price in Canada – $38,561

The 2017 Ford Fusion is packed with surprises. It’s exterior, interiors of the car are top-notch. Premium leather seats enhanced leg room and easier access to all the storage cupboards for the driver and passengers. The SYNC Connect technology helps you start, stop and locate your new Fusion when on the go. The additional feature is the advanced communications and infotainment. For Navigation purposes the car is built-in with GPS, 3D mapping and voice-guided tours.

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I knew the event was going to be exciting and we would be traveling around the city however I did not let my brain work its way. What I did instead was to gear up for all the excitement that was awaiting me.

We were informed about our scavenger hunt competition wherein we would be divided into teams and we would drive in our Ford Fusion to hunt down the murals in the city, pick up clues from every location and find our way to the final destination which is where another surprise awaited us.

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Our journey in the Ford Fusion was not at all bumpy; we were very swift in our movements across the city and the pedestrian detection in the car made it easier to maneuver around the crowded streets. At every mural we snapped a few cool pictures for our social media and you can check them out as they are trending on #ArtofFusion.

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Once we reached our final destination a grand welcome awaited us with a sparkling glass of wine. My team and I drove the Ford Fusion V6 Sport and we were the first to arrive at the dinner venue in East Vancouver. In some ways we did feel like a winner and we were totally up for grabbing our victorious meal. Our dinner was far more fancy than I’d imagine so kudos to Chef Juno Kim who did a brilliant job to design a chic and innovative menu for each of us.

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After a fabulous presentation about the Ford Fusion 2017 Model we were anticipating for what was coming up next. Surprisingly the fun had just begun, so post our dinner we continued to sip in some wine and progressed towards an interactive Graffiti Street Art class taught by local B.C. artist, Ben Tour. Ben’s artworks are displayed around the Vancouver Mural Festival and he helped us work on our graffiti skills and we were able to take home a piece art created by our imagination.

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The new Ford Fusion will be hitting the stores right away and for most of you who want to make a prior booking feel free to give them a call or check them out below. The models are very exclusive and it is the best you’d get in North America within the same category.

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I never really wanted to go back anyway. The experience that I had at this event was definitely overwhelming and it did speak in many ways about Ford as a company and how it does stand up for the community, culture that we are trying to build together.

I took back with me newfound friends, good memories and the beginning of a relationship with Ford Canada.

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Website: www.ford.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FordCanada

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