Man & Beauty Feature: L’Occitane’s Cedrat Collection For The Urban Male

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The urban male yearns for a balanced lifestyle. And today we explore the topic of being groomed with L’Occitane. One of the reasons I’ve always had an affinity towards brands such as L’Occitane is only because of the purity of contents and products that they use to create the very best in each of its product lines.

L’Occitane Canada recently introduced a new range of energizing and masculine fragrances named Cedrat for men that is aimed to inspire every man. The general tone of the collection is light, refreshing and has an ever-lasting summer feel that is perfect for most of us men who live busy lifestyles in cosmopolitan cities (for me it’s Vancouver).

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Waiching’s Top 5 products from the L’Occitane Cedrat Collection:

  1. Cedrat Global Face Gel

This matt finished gel is aimed to provide multiple benefits. A non-greasy textured face gel that leaves your skin energized and hydrated. Adding the Cedrat Global face gel to your daily morning ritual would be fantastic.

  1. Cedrat Shaving Gel

L’Occitane’s best known for using natural extracts and this can be experienced in the Cedrat shaving gel. The fragrant gel provides comfortable shaving without missing the edges and leaves the skin feeling like a baby.

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  1. Cedrat Eau De Toilette

It’s all about going back to the roots. L’Occitane is known for its natural and pure fragrances from Provence where it all originated and this time around the men are lucky to have a new Cedrat fragrance. It is a masculine citrus perfume that has an everlasting trail.

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  1. Cedrat Stick Deodorant

Many of us men love using a deodorant but we might need to get an effective deodorant that remains fresh for a longer period of time. And a deodorant such as the Cedrat one is designed without alcohol or any salts which leaves the skin dry. This deodorant helps the skin stay soft and leaves an energizing scent on the body.

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  1. Cedrat Shower Gel

This two-in-one body and hair cleanser is a must have in every man’s grooming kit. Enriched with organic Cedrat extracts, it revitalizes the skin and hair after a tiring day outdoors. That said, it is also very rejuvenating and its masculine aroma will have you stock up more.

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Waiching’s Wall Recommends: For all the man folks out there I am most certain you’ve heard of L’Occitane and probably want to check it out. Well take my word, it’s a great collection and a fragrant filled grooming kit for your everyday needs.


If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to send them over to me via email or leave your comments below.


Stores: L’Occitane is available to shop world over and online in Canada/ North America too. In Vancouver, L’Occitane has stores in Robson Street, Metropolis at Metrotown Mall, Oakridge Centre, Park Royal and more.




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