Waiching’s Wall X Herschel Supply Co: Travel in Street Chic Style

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“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” Said Oprah Winfrey. And there’s no denying that the life you live is the one you create for yourself and that paves the path to your dreams.

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I am constantly inspired by tons of people around the globe, and I take the greatest inspirations from celebrities and fashion camaraderie that have risen up the success scale on their self-merits. That said ever since I’ve got into blogging on fashion/ lifestyle brands, it always excites me to unfurl a new dimension to the existing fashion spectrum. One such brand that is inspiring and is adventure loving is the Canadian homegrown brand, Herschel Supply Co.

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Not too long ago in a small town in Herschel, Canada was the above-mentioned brand born. And I can vouch for the fact that they are filling the gap for affordable lifestyle accessories with their constantly updated products. People love Herschel and I assume Herschel loves them back even more. The birth of this family business today spans a household name. Everyone I know in Canada has at least one Herschel backpack and that is self-explanatory for how successful the brand is.

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Today Herschel bags are available world over and I am glad I got mine through the brands online delivery. Which was definitely less time consuming than I would have expected. Moving to other fancy stuff, I’ve collaborated with the brand to showcase this exclusive “ Travel in Street Chic Style” for all of you out there.

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Taking center stage in this collaboration is the duffle strand bag from Herschel Supply Co. The bag is designed with functionality and style in mind. The gorgeous black bag is encircled with a padded navy blue handle for a firmer grip. The snap-down sides of the bag make it even more convenient to add more essentials into your man bag by increasing the compartment space. All in all it’s an every day bag.

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In this ‘Street Chic’ inspired look I’ve gone for the contrast game in style. As always I’ve wanted to ensemble signature sports pieces with luxe fashion. And I am excited of the outcome in this look. My three fourth Sandro Paris trousers complimented my Asos Shirt and Zara Man bomber in terms of colors, and I’ve popped in some gold accessories with my Adidas kicks and my Swatch watch alongside the Bottega Venetta wristlet. And to complete my outfit I added my Herschel Supply Co backpack in here too.

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For my Street Chic inspired look, I wore the following:

Duffle Strand Bag: Herschel Supply Co

 Sunglasses: Ray Ban (Sunglass Hut)

 Shirt: Asos (Asos.com)

 Bomber Jacket: Zara Man (Robson Street, Metropolis Metrotown)

 Trousers: Sandro Paris (The Hudson’s Bay)

 Belt: Guess (Metropolis Metrotown)

 Socks: Aldo ( Robson Street, Metropolis Metrotown)

 Wristlet: Bottega Venetta

 Shoes: Adidas Canada

 Watch: Swatch Watches Canada

 Grooming Products used on the shoot: Roger & Gallet Canada – L’Homme Natural Spray, Proraso – Firenze Shaving Kit and Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen.

 Camera used on the shoot: Fujifilm North America

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Have you thought of traveling in style, I know it’s not easy and a lot of us do complain about the same? However it’s fun to ensure you travel comfortably and essentially style appropriate whether you are commuting around Downtown Vancouver just like me or backpacking on a camping trip to the mountains. Whatever you’re set to do make sure it’s fun and you feel good about what you’ve decided to wear.

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Not all who wander are lost? Share your comments below.

Stockists: Herschel Supply can be shopped all across Canada. And is open to delivery all over the world. Do check up their website below for more details.

Website: http://www.herschelsupply.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HerschelSupply

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