Exclusive Feature: Discover A New World through Art-Photography With LUMAS Canada

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On a busy afternoon last week, art wasn’t the thing on my mind. But while walking pass the steam clock in Gastown I happened to spot the ‘Lumas Gallery’. There was something inviting about the gallery itself that allured me into checking out the entire art space.

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Every wall in the gallery adorned a piece of art that was different from the one I had seen earlier. It did seem refreshing from the world I see in and out everyday. I stopped to ponder for a bit and realized, art is everywhere around us. It was only time to take a break from the mundane things I always did and appreciate the brilliance of this place.

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Erin Lang, Managing Director of Lumas Canada was present at the gallery during my visit. And I approached her for a quick chat on the brand. The gallery seemed to be more contemporary, accessible and stocked almost anything you’d like to imagine.

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Some popular artists have their masterpieces stocked in the Lumas Vancouver, Canada gallery. I am in love with the artist Derek Gores who creates digital shots out of luxe fashion magazines/covers and journals. There are other popular fashion photographers who do create some brilliant pictures too namely the fashion duo Andre Yakovlev & Lili Aleena and Fermento2.

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Belgian artist Isabelle Menin has impressed me much with her portraits of floral compositions in the most unexpected and uniquely expressive manner. Erin and I snapped a picture with the ‘Distorted Nature’ artwork as the background. And both of us couldn’t stop admiring how pretty it looked. I would use that piece of art on a peach colored wall. Several other artists such as Bart Van Leeuwen, Vincent Poole, Bernhard Lang, Sebastian Mader etc. all display their piece of work at Lumas. Global artists use Lumas the brand as a platform to showcase the very best of art, culture and a form of belongingness. Several Canadian artists have pieces displayed in here too.

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Something triggered me to ask Erin what goes into choosing a piece of art for any home in Canada or world over. And she gladly shared the little secrets, which I’m certain homeowners, interior designers and stylists would like to make note off.

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  1. Understand the purpose of having a piece of art in the desired space
  2. Select a theme / style or a picture
  3. Consider the image/ artwork to be something you’d love to see every day, as you wouldn’t shop masterpieces every other month. So this tip is your best bet
  4. The one reason to get it from Lumas is because each piece is true to its authenticity and is signed by the artist itself. So what you take home is a true copy of the image and has only a limited selection of buyers
  5. Always a good idea to take pictures of your space and create a blue print of how the photograph/paintings would look on the desired wall. And Lumas does offer these consulting services complimentary
  6. Post purchase installation and service is about a call away

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I am not an art collector or an artist of any sort; I am just a dreamer who was lost in this art maze. These artworks evoke a feeling of reality and sensibility in me. And it is absolutely a reason to have more of them around me now.

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Even if you aren’t an art admirer I’m certain the Lumas Gallery has something wonderful to capture your attention. So do check it out if you’re around Downtown Vancouver or Gastown in Vancity.

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Lumas Gallery, Vancouver is located in Gastown. 305 Water Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1B8

Website: http://ca.lumas.com/

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lumas/




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