Waiching’s Wall X Frank & Oak: Nautical Fashion & My Little Backpack


“Life isn’t about waiting for the winds to change, it’s learning to adjust your sails”. A wise sailor perhaps thought of this one, it’s absolutely not me.

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If this is your maiden voyage with nautical fashion, remember being stylish does not necessarily mean going overboard. Nautical fashion dates back of time, probably 1800’s if I may say. I remember reading an article on Vogue about Nautical fashion while growing up and it was Queen Victoria who had her designer create a sailor suit for her little prince, which over the years trickled down to being a fashion trend during the spring/summer days and formed the canvas for several menswear and women’s fashion designers.

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Speaking of designers, I happened to stumble upon a really fascinating and innovation menswear brand, Frank + Oak which is a Canadian homegrown brand that has its eyes set on the world. I think I’m obsessed with whatever they’ve set out to create, I was totally amazed by their official boutique in Gastown which stocks all the essentials for a man’s lifestyle. Oh! If I missed out something, they’ve got some amazing juices in there too. I picked up a really handsome men’s accessory, which is their signature Tan Leather Men’s Backpack and I have styled it so effortlessly in this collaboration.

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The Frank + Oak backpack is designed with pure leather and is far more superior in quality than other menswear brands I have seen on the west coast. Well if you’re looking for style staples then its definitely a must buy. In terms of functionality I think the backpack has multiple storage options and a secret zipper sticking by your back, which is my favorite feature as I do like to keep my little charms in there. But that’s me; it could also be used as an option for tech accessories.

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In this Nautical inspired look I’ve created a very comfortable ensemble of an oversized shirt with a denim vest and let the bottoms flow with a super cool jogger. To add some panache I’ve used the Frank + Oak backpack, Timberland watches and Instance Socks. For any look to be on point, you have to get your shoes right and I’ve added a little bit of sporty spunk on to my look by using the Nike Air Max shoes.


For my Nautical inspired look, I wore the following:

Tan Leather Backpack: Frank + Oak Official

Sunglasses: Ray Ban ( Sunglass Hut)

Shirt: H&M ( Pacific Centre)

Denim Vest: Asos

Joggers: Bershka

Belt: Ted Baker

Socks: Instance Socks

Shoes: Nike Active Wear

Grooming Products used on the shoot: Neutrogena sun’s screen, Dove moisturizer

Phone Case Used on this shoot: Case Taboo (LA based brand. Shipping all over the world).


Fashion has progressed so much, well these style looks of mine definitely show you a level up on nautical staples and it’s definitely a trend I’m living by this season. You don’t have to set sail to wear one of the hottest summer styles; rock it just the way you like seeing it on others.

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Stockists: Frank + Oak have stores all across Canada. And is open to delivery across several countries in the world. Do check up their website below for more details.

Website: https://ca.frankandoak.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frankandoak

Do not forget to follow me on instagram (jonathanho1) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/WaichingsWall)

How do you wear Nautical? Share your comments below.

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