STYLE POST: Get Sporty & Rock Granville Island

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I’ve got a thing for sports wear and no matter how I try to escape it, it continues to haunt me. LOL! On an ordinary day by the Granville Island, where everything was picturesque and #VancouverIsAwesome was flipping across all social media channels it gave me the fanciest location to shoot this – Sporty Spring Look, which is perfect to spruce up your seasonal style factors.

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Granville Island has so much history and is probably one of the best-redeveloped urban settlements I have seen in a while. It would be fair to say that the city’s popular attraction has contributed greatly towards the growth of art, culture and the fashion scene.

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In my Sporty Spring Look, I’ve adopted to experimenting with this cool semi-woolen cardigan that has a grey dark undertone as is contrary to the Spring vibe around, but then again who wants to repeat an outfit and sound boring so here’s a mix match. I choose a head to toe Nike active and sportswear to pair up with the cardigan. The three fourth trousers are great to the gym or a boardwalk pose (just like what I’m trying to achieve). All stars if you can be more expressive and innovative. But then streetstyle bloggers like me always aim to showcase the most wearable pieces that form the best inspiration for each of you out there. And a little cherry on the cake is the shiny black sneakers from New Balance that takes everyone by surprise.

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For my look I wore the following:

Shirt: Nike

Cardigan : Topman

Trousers: Nike

Shoes: New Balance Shoes 

Watch: Timberland Watches

Men’s Ring: Tiffany & Co

Backpack : Pedro Shoes Official

Sunnies: RayBan

Fragrance used on the shoot: Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men

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Would you agree with me that sports inspired shirts and cardigans have a secret love affair??

Hhaha  Well I shall leave that for you to figure out.

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Here’s Waiching signing off!

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