WAICHING’S WALL X Timberland Watches: Join Waiching On His New Adventure


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Someone seeking adventure once told me that when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you. I didn’t kind of agree to it because in my lifestyle as a Men’s Style Blogger I often search for new and interesting stories that I might be able to share with you all. So I need to find my own adventure.

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As I explore each day I find new ways to be happy, celebrate life and share all my fashion details with you. North American brand Timberland and I partnered to show you the multi-faceted lives that we as MarkMakers live through their new #ModernTrail campaign.

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Timberland is kind of the ultimate brand for all your outdoor fashion needs however a lot of us might not be aware that they actually manufacture some really stylish watches for men & women too. This spring whether you are in Dubai, Hong Kong, Vancouver ( Gas Town) or LA Timberland’s new men’s accessory is a total spoiler.


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I love to flaunt statement accessories and in this style post I have two watches that you might be lusting for. I have used the Timberland sporty black watch for all my fun activities whether it’s at the gym in Dubai, running around the pool or while sipping some coffee in Downtown Vancouver.


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If you’re one of those folks who love a classic timepiece then the Timberland leather strap in brown will be your best friend this season. I’ve used mine on my way to work, also relaxing while waiting for my flight at the Hong Kong Airport and for after work drinks with my mates.


Timberland_Waichings Wall-10

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For the look I’m wearing:

 Watch: Both watches are from Timberland Middle East ( Available at Hour Choice under Rivoli Group)

 Jacket: Zara Man ( Zara Canada, North America)

 Shirt: Ted Baker ( Pacific Centre)

 T-shirt: Below The Belt ( Metrotown Vancouver)

 Trousers: Topman ( Granville Station)

 Wrist band: Bottega Venetta

 Shoes: Pedro Official

 Fragrance: Carloina Herrera 212 VIP MEN WILD PARTY ( Available in all leading stores Woojoh, SEPHORA, Bloomingdales, Nordstorm Vancouver, Holt Renfrew etc)


 These watches are more of a lifestyle wherein you keep spinning a new tale on every adventure that you aim to unfurl. It’s always evolving, fresh and something beyond your imagination. As you’d never be able to figure out what lies ahead of you.

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I’ve shared some really fun images from this shoot on my instagram. Do check it out and have any questions or comments, leave them below of feel free to email me.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HourChoice

 Website: http://www.rivoligroup.com/concept/hour-choice/

Shop the watch : http://tbl-watches.com/en/timberland-watches.html

 The rest of the brands are available all over the world. (That includes North America & Canada  too).



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