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Winter in Dubai is so much fun. And if you’re like me who loves an eternal winter then you’d know that fashion for me is all about jackets, trenches and overcoats. Having said that most of my friends love summer and enjoy beach fashion. At times I try to come half way with my fashion complexities but then again I love layering so I’m back to where I belong.



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This Holiday’15 I collaborated with Aeropostale Arabia along with fellow Dubai Fashion Bloggers to showcase my favourite Festive look. And it wasn’t easy I’ll have to put it that away. The Holiday season is all about fun, parties and celebrating who you are. I went into the Aeropostale Dubai Mall store earlier this week to pick up my Holiday staples. And I’m excited to share them with you below.


Waichings Wall X Aeropostale X Holiday 15 -05



Statement pieces in this Holiday’15 collection includes the maroon faux fur jacket, sweat shirts oversized white tees, striped bomber jackets, festive stockings, santa boxers etc. I have styled the maroon faux fur jacket in my very own Street Chic Style by combining different colour palettes, which are apt for the festive season and gave it a spin.


Waichings Wall X Aeropostale X Holiday 15 -02

Waichings Wall X Aeropostale X Holiday 15 -04


For my Holiday Look, I wore the following:

Faux Fur Jacket: Aeropostale Arabia

 Bomber Jacket/ Shirt: Aeropostale Arabia

 Oversized Tee: Aeropostale Arabia

 Belt: Aeropostale Arabia

 Trousers: Aeropostale Arabia

 Shoes: Adidas Originals


Waichings Wall X Aeropostale X Holiday 15 -03


Cool temperatures give you that onset liberty to play with textures and layers while styling. It does not have to be cliché jackets and overcoats but you can accessorize them by cinching them around the waist to give you that rock chic look like what I did. And since my colour staples in this shoot are minimal every product stands out loud.


Waichings Wall X Aeropostale X Holiday 15 -02


Oh! Yes that bike ain’t mine. But I’m certain I was seen riding around Dubai Marina wearing my #AeroHoliday15 outfit. And I hope you guys can stock up their exclusive Holiday collection before it runs out. They also have gift cards available in store if you need help on last minute Holiday Pressies.


Waichings Wall X Aeropostale X Holiday 15 -01

And I hope to catch up with you guys in 2016. If there are any Style Dilemmas write to me.


Website: Aeropostale Website

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AeropostaleArabia/

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Official Photographer : Cristina C. Linaza 


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