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Popular American label Banana Republic has come a long way in the fashion scene.

The brand, which started off, originally in San Francisco as travel outfitters, has today emerged as a more refined and fashionable clothing brand.


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Well if we’re primarily speaking about the Middle East, Banana Republic has a massive fan following in Dubai itself. And I obviously love the brand. Recently I was invited to preview the new Festive Collection & refurbished ‘The Dubai Mall’ store.


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The Banana Republic store dawned a holiday cloak, with separate shopping spaces for men & women thereby ensuring everyone gets to pick what they love. I particularly love the men’s bit, which was easily accessible to shoppers at the same time offering a more wholesome experience. On the other hand for the women folks apart from the massive shopping area their accessory line looked stunning.


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Waiching’s Wall, Fashionista’s , Style Bloggers, Dubai Press and people who love the brand attended the Holiday launch. It seemed so much fun with all the festive décor, bites and bubbles in the air. Oh! Before I forget live Mannequins on the window display did gather a lot of attention.


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Happy shopping this festive season! I’d love to hear from you on your favourite brands.. Email me…


Website: Banana Republic Dubai 

Facebook: Banana Republic Middle East


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