Fragrance Review: The AZZARO CHROME – INTENSE

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The AZZARO CHROME – INTENSE is a remake of Loris Azzaro’s 1996 fragrance CHROME. The CHROME was an iconic fragrance that was dedicated to creating multi-generational values between a father and his son. It was introduced to pay tribute to the unconditional bond in their relation with a contemporary feel.

However this time around in 2015 Azzaro’s CHROME evolves into CHROME – INTENSE which so to say is the brand’s newest fragrance that intensifies and magnifies the eternal fragrance of CHROME. The inspiration of the perfume is built upon creating and valuing the bond between a father and his son. And this time around CHROME – INTENSE promises to make the bond stronger and add unique moments for users.

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Perfumer Mylene Alran, Robertet mentioned that the CHROME – INTENSE comes with a metallic freshness of CHROME, revealing its dark side and becomes more vibrant, textured and woody.

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Top notes: Elemi, light bergamot and transparent musks

Heart notes: Cardamom diffused to create sweetness

Ending notes: Patchouli – papyrus – vetiver woody

The new AZZARO CHROME – INTENSE bottle is reinterpreted to resemble the material evoked by its name. Azure blue fragrance grows darker and the metallic tube effect with herringbone motif inside the bottle echoes the unbreakable bond between father and son.

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This new fragrance magnifies the intimate freshness and evokes a sense of masculinity for me.

Stockists:  The AZZARO CHROME – INTENSE currently available at all leading Perfumer retailers in the UAE.



This is one cool fragrance. I loved it and I hope you did too.

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