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Cove Beach in Jumeriah Beach Hotel was transformed into a perfume lover’s paradise. The open press day held on a sunny morning this fall in Dubai was a super success for the brand.

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I definitely felt the new range of fragrances for him and for her was outstanding by Narciso Rodriguez. The event was divided into multiple sections each to highlight the different product lines of the designer. I also met the team behind the brand and they were very kind to take us through each element that comprised in the fragrances to create one distinct perfume.

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Dubai’s elite was gathered here to check out the new fragrance line. Find all the essential details below:


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In the words of the designer himself he said, “I wanted to create a fragrance that was sexy in a new way for the modern man. It is as cool, mysterious and addictive as it is bright, clean and defined. Fresh green notes with a modern composition surround the heart of the fragrance. The quality that I love about this fragrance is that it is unusually unique and very sensual.”

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Feminity as we know always remains at the core of any woman. And that itself is the main inspiration behind the L’ABSOLU fragrance for women. It is intimate and designed to be flawlessly feminine by the designer himself.

Narciso Rodriguez shares his thoughts on the perfume by saying, “In this new fragrance, we chose a deep aubergine colour, a rich tone that is very important in our story. Again there’s this sense of duality, an air of mystery in the bottle, which echoes the fragrance. The bottle is a pure beautiful object; you have to experience it, fall in love with it – just like the fragrance.”


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Narciso Rodriguez’s newest ‘Bath Line’ was introduced to enhance a woman’s confidence, make her feel beautiful inside out at the same time it aims to uplift the spirits of a modern woman.

The NARCISO Bath line includes four eternal products: NARCISCO scented body cream, NARCISO scented body lotion, NARCISO scented shower cream and the NARCISO scented hair-mist. In my opinion the hair-mist and scented body cream sounds interesting and knowing the designer I’m certain a lot of you would love it.

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The new bath line promises to completely make you feel good about your body just as you feel good about what you’re wearing.

Stockist: The new NARCISCO Fragrances for him & for her along with the Bath Line is now available at all leading Perfume retailers in the UAE. And those of you who want to buy it overseas, please check the website below.



Hello Guys! Please write to me if you’d like me to review any product or want to join me for any of the press days. Have a awesome day!


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