Waiching’s Wall X Aeropostale Arabia: Fall 2015 Fashion Collaboration

Aeropostale Arabia_Waichings Wall-06

Dubai aka DXB has always been in the know to be sizzling all year along, but not until the weather changes. Cooler weather for us fashionistas only means time for us to showcase some new looks. Ha Ha! Well thanks to Aeropostale Arabia for choosing me to collaborate on this exciting fashion collaboration and I’m ecstatic to share the details with you as we read below.

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Aeropostale Arabia_Waichings Wall-03

Friday morning, Tim Hortons on SZR Road was buzzing with Dubai’s Fashion Bloggers. So we (including me www.waichingswall.com) met up with the other Fashion Bloggers for our exclusive collaboration. I really had a good time getting to know others, it’s fun to go out of your normal routine.

Aeropostale Arabia_Waichings Wall-02

Aeropostale’s fashion theme this Fall is “Show Them Who You Really Are”. And by all means I have to admit, it’s pretty apt for me. I was so comfortable in whatever I had shopped from the brands store at Dubai Mall the previous day. I really loved my look from Aeropostale’s Fall 2015 collection, it was so me. I’m a lover of street chic style and I think Aeropostale as a brand has the right fit and minimal style details for my kind of personality.

Aeropostale Arabia_Waichings Wall-05

Aeropostale Arabia_Waichings Wall-04

For my entire look, I wore Aeropostale which itself shows the brands huge assortment for men. My look was monochromatic so you’d have all white details with a pinch of black wherever possible. And the result I was being true to my skin and I felt amazing with my style.

Aeropostale Arabia_Waichings Wall-07

Let me know what you peeps think of this Monochromatic look?

Outfit Details: Cap, watch, T-Shirt, Black Skinny Denims from Aeropostale

Shoes: Nike Jordans

Sunglasses: RayBan Mirrors

Shop this collection at all Aeropostale outlets in the UAE.

The official hashtag to browse the collection online is : #AeroFall15


Dubai Fashion Bloggers with Aeropostale Arabia

Photography and Videography by Qumra FZC

Official Photographer: Tinayums

Behind the Scenes Photographer: Lovella Bonsol

Videography: Franelle Camero

Assistant: Chris Edralin


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