First Look Inside Pots, Pans & Boards With Chef Tom Aikens

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Did we hear Pots, Pans & Boards? Yes we did. But luckily I wasn’t the one cooking, rather glad actually. I was invited to an exclusive dinner sampling at Dubai’s newest dining concept opposite Amwaj Rotana at The Beach Dubai. And when the Chef cooking is as brilliant as you’d imagine any Michelin starred chef to be, I’ll be dishonest if I say my appetite didn’t increase.

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Food has always been an essential component in bridging cultures, traditions and flavours. And Chef Tom Aiken’s newest eatery aims to win hearts in Dubai with the same message. Pots, Pans & Boards is designed to give an old fashioned rustic kitchen a twist with its exquisite offerings. I remember as soon as I walked into the restaurant the first thing that I spotted were the range of hanging copper pots, pans and utensils beautifully adorning the restaurant. In many ways I felt the restaurant was very homely and created an air of comfort for guests.

I’m so glad I was invited to dine with Dubai’s finest bloggers and enjoy the multi-course meal prepared by none other than Chef Tom and his team.

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Chef Tom Aikens walked out of the kitchen only to welcome Dubai’s popular food & lifestyle bloggers and he ran us through the flow of the evening. From whatever I heard it sounded far more fancy than my senses could imagine. And in very typical Tom’s culinary style, he left us in peace only to be surprised that evening.

As the name suggests Pots, Pans & Boards yes they have it all. Food was being prepared in the restaurant’s open kitchen to be served into pots, pans and little boards. It all seemed very exciting and of course we prepared our selves to a culinary feast.

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First came the Iced packed gordan olives, white bean and black garlic humus ( a twist to your regular humus), Ricotta with a dry herbs and aged balsamic. They were followed by some more bites such as shrimps, beef tartare, ratatouille, smoked Cod Fish and Cecina de leon with pickled mushroom and manchengo. If these were left to me I would have never finished tasting all of the samplers. But thankfully following the restaurant’s dining concept of shared meals this worked great for other foodies who joined me in this adventure. I particularly loved the Cod Fish which was unusually ( in a good manner) prepared with fresh oranges, black olives and served on a chopping board.

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The menu designed by Chef Tom comprised of a fusion on casual English, Meditteranean and French dishes. Each of those cuisines is very distinct in their own way. And it was an enriching experience when Chef Tom took us through his kitchen antics and we were actually able to see some live cooking.

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Oh before I forget, with all the talking going around it was essential that I’d feel thirsty, so I opted for the Virgin Lavender Mojito and my friend who accompanied me on the sampling went with the Summer Berry Drink. The Virgin Lavender Mojito was amazing and it genuinely was. It had all the elements that you’d imagine in a mojito but it tasted twice fresher and had the lavender essence all through the drink.

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While waiting to sample the mains, I got time to mingle with some friends and it was fun to hear them share their feedback too. A lot of us bloggers come from diverse ethnic groups and it’s interesting to hear how each dish appeals to people differently. Finally the mains started arriving one after the other on our table. So we’d spotted the Malt glazed short Ribs with Onion Crips, then there was country style chicken (served in a pot), roasted salmon, lamb meatballs and the effortless Mac & Cheese. It all seemed like a parade on its own. Each dish was trying to outshine the other. Jokes apart. My friend and I loved the Short Ribs they were actually an instant hit on our table. I thought the Salmon was fresh and the texture was consistent all through, unlike some places wherein the fish starts to have a flattened flavor by the time it arrives on your table. I did enjoy Mac & Cheese just like I’d be enjoying if I were home. That explains how informal and comforting the restaurant is.

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A range of tempting desserts was waiting to meet us. But it was minutes between the mains and desserts. So I took some time off to enjoy my Lavender Mojito while preparing my tummy to welcome the desserts. I loved the Pavlova passion fruit curd and Milk Chocolate Caramel Tart. Well a lot of friends did enjoy the Apple Crumble and Chelsea bun too. Desserts are too personal hence I’d like to say, I love the Chocolate Caramel Tart only because I love anything with chocolate but this one’s my favourite.

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If not Dubai, then you’d find Chef Tom Aikens in London. But I’m glad I was able to meet him and experience his culinary brilliance first hand at his newly opened restaurant.

Am I going back to Pots, Pans & Boards? Yes! I’m totally smitten by the food, the atmosphere, the beach view and my experience at the restaurant. I agree with the restaurants philosophy, any meal whether it’s a fine dining restaurant or a casual restaurant such as this one, can only be extraordinary with the right company. The experience itself makes it memorable to come back and dine in again and again.

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The Pots, Pans & Boards is now open at The Beach Dubai. And I hope you guys can go check out this awesome new restaurant. I recommend sampling the Virgin Lavender Mojito, Short Ribs and Milk Chocolate Caramel Tart. Make sure you get the right company along with you to ensure you take back wonderful memories.

See you on my next culinary adventure!

Bon Appetite!

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Located at The Beach Dubai, JBR Walk


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