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Legendary designer Issey Miyake and his perfumers have paved the path for a new trilogy for men. Issey Miyake sets out for the very ends of the earth…to discover oneself and terms this journey as an expedition to finding your inner self. The designer has always created fragrances ‘for oneself’: timeless, unique fragrances, which express emotions.

In many ways I think the concept is unique and thoughtful. I believe fragrance is everywhere in the universe, it is only a sense of appeal that hooks you on to a specific smell and you continue to scout for it. I agree with Issey Miyake when he says, “Nature is the greatest perfumer in life. In the end, all of you need to do is be inspired by it.”

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As I continue to explore these fragrances, I am surprised by the distinct scents of each of the three perfumes. L’EAU D’ISSEY POUR HOMME OCEANIC EXPEDIITION, L’EAU D’ISSEY POUR HOMME SPORT POLAR EXPEDITION, and NUIT D’ISSEY AUSTRAL EXPEDITION complete the Issey Miyake Trilogy for men.

I received these great samples last month and I put them to test right away.



Perfumer Alberto Morillas takes you on an Oceanic Expedition where you start at the ship’s deck, while enjoying the wind only to find yourself reinvented.

The perfume bottle has been designed with elements of the ocean, horizon and the skyline keeping the freshness of the perfume intact. Elements of grapefruit, petitgrain and bergamot are witnessed first off which continues to fade with the scent of fresh sea enriched with neroli and zingy ginger.

Waichings Wall_Issey Miyake_Oceanic Expedition Fragrance

The perfume’s character is simple yet adventurous. And what I liked about it was the oozing freshness.


Waichings Wall_Issey Miyake_Sport_Polar Expedition Fragrance.

Perfumer Christophe Raynaud – Firmenich took inspiration from environmentalist Sebastian Copland’s documentary: “Into The Cold – A Journey Of The Soul”. It’s an expedition to the ice caps and hence the name Polar Expedition.

The freshness of the ice is the first scent that you can smell, slowly after which the heart of the fragrance has lime; energizing cypress and grapefruit complete the ending notes on the perfume. The perfume bottle has elements similar to the polar region.

The perfume’s character is Icelandic and carefree.


Waichings Wall_Man Beauty Blogger

Perfumer Loc Dong – IFF takes you on a journey to find the freshness of a Southern Night. Well for those of you who feel like going on a holiday, this one’s for you. Ever wondered of visiting the Antartic ice at night, isolated and uninhabited land wherein all you experience is the wind and the sparkling night.

Waichings Wall_Issey Miyake_Austral Expedition Fragrance.

Loc wanted to create an icy freshness, mysterious fragrance that was not only special but attractive at the same time. The perfume bottle has been beautifully designed by elements of nighttime wherein all you see is the night sky, few rays of light sparkling and an edgy finish. Notes of amber wood and vetiver are the standout fragrance in the Austral Expedition.

Waichings Wall_Man Beauty Blogger_Issey Miyake

The perfume’s character free spirited and believable. This is by far my favourite fragrance from the collection. If you were me, you’d like to stock up this piece as the perfume lasts for hours and is naturally appealing to most men.

I’ll have to be honest – Issey Miyake took me on a journey with each perfume, resurrecting a beautiful emotion individualy. Truly as the name suggest any journey cannot be more enriching such as this one wherein you loose yourself only to find your inner soul.

“The greatest traveller is he who has taken a tour once around himself”. – Confucious

Stockists:  The ISSEY MIYAKE perfumes are available at all leading retailers.



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