Luxury Hotel Review: The Amazing Dusit Thani in Abu Dhabi

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I invite you to embark on a journey with me at one of Abu Dhabi’s finest hotels and explore the best of Thai hospitality in the UAE.

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I have always known that Thai people are very friendly, always smiling, and are nice to everyone thus the name ‘Land of Smile’ was given to Thailand. And I couldn’t differ at all. Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi is a little piece of Thailand here in the UAE. The hotel is one of the newest properties of the Dusit International group. And is a first class Thai-inspired hotel situated in Abu Dhabi’s central business district, with the beautiful Eastern Mangroves on one side and the city center on the other.

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We were impressed by the prominent stature and unique architectural designs that form the Dusit Thani Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The luxury property comprises 534 guest rooms and serviced apartments, which are spread across the hotel’s 37 floors. We’re lucky we didn’t stay on the highest floor of the hotel. The bullet shaped elevator in the hotel amused me greatly; it transports guests from the lobby to their rooms within minutes. And simultaneously offers breathtaking views of the interior and exterior of the hotel.

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Abu Dhabi’s finest luxury hotel offers a combination of Thai hospitality and Middle Eastern glam to all its guests. We couldn’t wait to check-in to the hotel’s Dusit Club Lounge located on the 35th Floor. The Dusit towers stand tall amidst the landscape of Abu Dhabi; the hotel boasts a soaring atrium and evokes a feeling of royalty.

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In true Dusit style grandeur and royalty are synonymous, as the brand is associated with the Thai Royal family. And since generations Dusit group is sharing this with the world. We were offered the ‘Club Twin Deluxe’ room on the hotel’s 33rd floor along with access to the hotel’s premiere Club Dusit lounge on the 35th floor.

The Club Dusit Lounge

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First timers to Abu Dhabi need to pay heed to this tip. A standard room check-in gives guests access to all facilities in the hotel including breakfasts only. But if you were me then you’d love an upgrade for yourself and friends by paying a nominal charge to access this premiere lounge. Guests at the lounge can enjoy private breakfast sessions, afternoon tea and complementary evening cocktails during the ‘Happy Hours’ while enjoying the spectacular views of the city of Abu Dhabi. Relax and entertain yourself with the latest daily digest, TV, books and your private attendant. And that’s where we met the wonderful Ms Kitty. She was full of life, kind and very well informed about guests from all over the world.

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My Room: The Club Twin Deluxe Experience

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The hotel was decorated with Thai inspired ornaments, colours, patterns and true Art-Deco-Style furniture around the lobby, restaurants and luxurious rooms. We were gladly welcomed into our Twin Deluxe Rooms with a ‘Welcome Gift’ from the hotel, which so to say was very cute. And totally impressed us. Little Thai elements were included in the room such as the pretty potted orchids and a tropical fruit basket. The first thing that meets your sight is the bird’s eye view of the Eastern Mangroves from the room. Each room had floor-to-ceiling windows offering beautiful views of the city from the behind the curtains. And we couldn’t keep our eyes off that window, that view is perfect with your cup of tea whether its morning or night. The exclusive bathroom was intricately decorated with marble flooring, private bath tub with a see-through window pane which lets you view the room and the city view while you sip in some hot choco. The bathroom was pretty well equipped with a surround music system connected to the television; a mini shower and a grand dresser to ensure you step out in panache.

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Dining Options: Restaurants & Lounge

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At the hotels lobby there are several international restaurants & fine dining options. The hotel’s signature restaurant ‘Benjarong’ is also one of the higlights of our stay and it cannot go for a miss.

Read More About My Review: BENJARONG

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We treated ourselves to an international buffet breakfast each day at the hotel’s Urban Kitchen restaurant. The interiors were contemporary and had room for over 100 plus guests at the same time. The buffet was systematically designed for fresh & healthy starters, bread zones, salad bars and warm food. We knew it was breakfast so we had a little nice things of whatever made our tummy smile.

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We’ve heard the Mediterranean inspired restaurant ‘The Capital Grill’ and the ‘Orchid Lounge’ is a real treat too. But we were too occupied to try them all.

What makes each of these dining outlets even more special is the well-trained and knowledgeable staff. They always know you by your name, they are happy to help and go out of their way to assist you.

Things To Do In The Hotel ( Gym, Pool, Jacuzzi & Naam Spa)

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Dusit Thani boasts complete luxury and recreation for all its guests. And we’re proof of that. The Hotel has several recreational options for everyone. For the fitness freaks they’ve got a D-Fit Gym. This modern day fitness studio has the latest fitness equipment’s, body & balance area and yoga/cycling studio. I had the opportunity to work out at the gym and check out the machines too. The gym is well maintained and is a great opportunity for residents in Abu Dhabi and guest to visit. They’ve got personal trainers to assist you as well unlike the busy gyms in the city.

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The hotel is a serene urban sanctuary offering an outdoor temperature controlled pool and jacuzzi for guests to beat the heat. One can also order in food & drinks at the outdoor pool area while soaking up in the sun. And I think it’s a great way to unwind this summer.

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A visit to the hotel is incomplete without Naam Spa. This luxurious spa offers guests the best of Thai treatments. Inspired by the elements of the universe, Naam draws its name from the water body meaning to purify one’s mind, body and soul. I’ve heard that the Traditional Thai Harmony massage is the best. I am definitely coming back to unwind at this traditional Spa next time.

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Waiching’s Wall Recommends:

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I’d like to conclude my experience at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi as very enriching. It was breath of fresh air into my usual weekends. And it’s a great location to unwind for residents and tourist visiting Abu Dhabi. What I love about the hotel is the regal and untold charm of the staff and the ambience, which ensures you have a good time and take back great memories of the wonderful moments spent at this luxurious property.

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I’m looking forward to coming back to this amazing hotel next season and I hope some of you can join me and share your experiences of any Dusit Thani Hotels that you might have visited worldwide.

Until my next staycation.

Phop Kan Mai!

Disclaimer: My family and I were invited to experience the sheer brilliance of this luxurious property. Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi did not advise us about anything. Pictures were shot on my iPhone 6 and Fujifilm AX-1. Do credit the writer/ photographer should you want to share the images. Share your thoughts/ comments below.

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