MAN SKIN EXCLUSIVE: My Grooming Date with Vaseline Gulf And Axe Middle East

Vaseline Men x Waichings Wall

Often times we hear men complain about their skin. We have to admit not every one of us is born with great skin. Some of us need to make that effort to take care of our skin and ensure we are adequately groomed at all times. I would say considering most of us men who are out & about the city, and have such vigorous lifestyles it does become important to nurture our skin and feed it some nutrients to ensure it stays alive.

The lovely folks at Vaseline Gulf and Axe Middle East invited me to experience their newest range of skin care products for men. Super cool stuff! I have to admit. In a world of hundreds and thousands of beauty products for women, here’s room for some fresh air for the man folks too. It’s brilliant to see legendary brands like Vaseline & AXE cater products exclusively for men.

I couldn’t agree more, the man skin needs to be taken care off and a daily skin care routine would be essential for most of us. I don’t use sunscreen daily, as I love my naturally tanned look. But the days I plan to be out for longer hours in the open I add on some creamy layers of sunblock, and honestly that does not help my skin at all. So I’ve given up on that. Nowadays I have adapted to daily skin care moisturizing thereby ensuring healthy and younger skin every day.

Vaseline Men_Oil Control Moisturizer_Waichings Wall

The Vaseline Men Face Moisturizer with SPF 15 is a good fit for men on the go.  I love the very fact that it contains Vitamin B3 to help even out our dark marks and the sunscreen element effectively protects the skin from the UV rays. Now to complete the summer skin care routine it’s also mandatory to drink plenty of water and keep oneself moisturized all day long. For those with oily skin can opt for the Vaseline Men Face (Oil Control) moisturizer that is non-greasy, fast absorbing into the skin and provides 12 hours of oil control. This is one product I’m definitely stocking up this summer. As I tend to have an oily skin and I do not prefer using any creams normally on my face but this seemed rather easy and light on the skin.

AXE Gold Deo_Waichings Wall AXEDark Deo_ Waichings Wall

To complete my grooming for the day, I sampled the AXE deodorant temptation available in Gold & Black. They both have a strong, sexy and masculine aroma that would last you from work to date nights.

Until my next Man Beauty Post.

Vaseline Men X AXE X Waichings Wall

Available :  Each of the above mentioned products are available at all major supermarkets in the UAE.


Vaseline Men Products – starting from AED 16

AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant – starting from AED 12

AXE Gold Temptation Deodorant – starting from AED 12

Disclaimer:  Opinions are mine upon reviewing each of the products. Pictures were shot on my IPhone 6 #ShotOnIphone6 & Fujifilm AX-1. Do credit the writer/ photographer should you want to share the images.


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