Cheerful Dining Experience – My Iftar at KRIS WITH A VIEW


Kris With A View, this namesake restaurant is a gem to be treasured in central Dubai. Yes! It was the panoramic sights of Dubai that sold us the venue, when my friends and I decided to check out the Iftar at the restaurant.

All smiles, warm greetings, brilliant view and the service staff were well equipped to make their guests comfortable. Though the interiors were darker than the surroundings, there were several areas which I loved.


Walk-in and you would be amazed with the food setup into little islands around the restaurant. It’s a true spectacle to witness all the hungry guests encircling around the food islands, not forgetting to mention I followed them too.

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First off I headed to the cold mezze and salads on offer. A vast selection of arabic & mediterranean salads were displayed to tempt an ordinary eye, but when I looked beyond where I stood, I knew I had to visit the other food islands too. So, it was time to bid goodbye to the appetizers and head to the mains.

Having grown up tasting the very best of Chinese cuisine cooked by the best cooks I know, Mom & Dad. I wasn’t too impressed with their oriental offerings. But I have to admit they had a wide assortment of Pan-Asian dishes which I hadn’t tasted before. A scintillating Malay chicken curry was the star for me. Some lemon glazed chicken, and the usual favourites were they to say hi too.


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Ever since I moved to the Middle East, my love affair with Arabic cuisine began. I love the fact how simple and only fresh ingredients form part of the culinary process and undoubtedly a healthy option for many foodies. Kris With A View’s Iftar served an international buffet which was obviously impressive and every time I went searching for the islands, I found something new.


One will be spoilt for choice with the self-service dessert island. Sugar rush, is what I called my Iftar moment. What a magnificent spread of sweet offerings spread around the island on a semi-circle. My favourite was the creme brulee, of which I very consciously had two servings. You cannot not say hello to creme brulee, especially if that’s your favourite dessert. Fruits, cakes, little candies, tarts and puddings of all kinds were ready to be served.

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Iftar time in Dubai is the most beloved moment of the day during the month of Ramadan. Families around the world who fast during Ramadan, break their fast together by sharing food & fond memories with their dear ones. And I knew that all I had in Dubai were a bunch of amazing friends for life, and now they were my family to me. For all the obvious reasons I had to have Iftar with them and welcome the spirit of the season.

Kris With A View was a delightful experience for a wandering soul like me. If you are visiting Dubai or happen to detour around the older parts of Dubai, do try to visit this eatery on the rooftop of The Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel. Its breathtaking views will absolutely mesmerize you as it did to me.


Read more about the restaurant on their website:

Disclaimer: My friends and I paid for our meals. Park Regis Kris Kin Dubai did not advise us about anything. Pictures were shot on my IPhone 6. Do credit the writer/ photographer should you want to share the images.


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