FLORENCE ( FIRENZE) – Birth City of Renaissance

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Florence or should I say ‘Firenze’ just like the locals do. Without sounding too cliché, I have to admit this city is very close to my heart as compared to other Italian cities. There are too many reasons why I love Florence, which I will be sharing with you as we travel further down the streets of Firenze.

Return time and again, and you will see a new sight to the Tuscan capital. Florence is the birth city of Renaissance, tourist from around the world flock the city to feast on the World-class art. Hopeless romantic as I am, I still found the city romantic and magnetic. It was equally charming to me everyday when I walked down the streets of the city.

On an ordinary day in Florence, I would wake up and run to the local coffee shops. There wasn’t time or room enough for people, as coffee shops in and around Italy are buzzing in the morning. Everyone loves their shot of espresso which is available for Euro 1 and you are expected to get on with the day. Unlike tourists like me who had nothing serious to do, but fancy walks around the magnetic streets of Florence.

Firenze is rightfully called the birth city of renaissance. To me it seemed like an art gallery which came alive from the renaissance period, and as a lover of art I couldn’t but imbibe everything around me. Brimming with priceless art, gems, gallery, churches and monuments it’s a true wonder to a foreign eye.

One such iconic landmark is the Duomo located in the heart of Florence. This cathedral dominates the skyline of Florence, and no matter where you are in the city one can easily spot the Duomo.  My tour guide Lenka ( who happens to be one of my closest friend now) told me then that this place was built over a period of 150 years. When I saw the structure with my bare eyes, I had no other choice but to believe everything she said. Brunelleschi designed it but there were several phases to the actual construction and also included inputs from the great Michelangelo.

Getting my shots!

Oh! Yes before I forget to document this bit. I did celebrate my birthday in Firenze too. And that’s a picture of me getting my shots with my new-found friends from around the world.



 Florence – The city view from ‘Piazzale Michelangelo’. The view was surreal.

I am no historian, I am only a dreamer. Each time I look back at these pictures from Firenze, I yearn to go back to where my search for art & fashion began. I took back with me some wonderful memories that travelled with me beyond my imagination.

1475945_4987469623787_299139962_n     Good Bye! See you on another journey soon!

(P.S. All the pictures in this post are mine and shot by me and my friends).


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