Firenze Inspired Style – OOTD


Over the years Florence has grown to become the next fashion capital. And when in Firenze, there was no way I wouldn’t but adapt to the renaissance inspired style. The town in itself evokes high style elements and the very fact that designers such as Roberto Cavali, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and the likes of other prestigious designers from Florence, have put the town under the global fashion radar.

But when it comes to getting inspiration for my personal style, I had to choose the basics and juggle them with essential style quotients.

1472085_4987510664813_878065220_nI wore the following walking around Firenze :

Scarf: Bershka ( UK)

Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger

Trench coat: Ballmain, Paris

Denims: American Eagle Outfitters

Wallet: Leather Wallet Gucci

Shoes: Converse from River Island


Perhaps you’ve travelled somewhere recently and you have some inspiration for me.

Do write to me. I need more ideas to dress up for a big party in Firenze soon. 🙂


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