Switzerland – Top of Europe

Journey to the Top - JUNGFRAU

When I heard my co-travelers speak about delicious swiss chocolates, I somehow knew where we were heading too. Yes! In all my utter joy, it had to be Switzerland. Ever since I was a boy, I always thought this place was beautiful and I had the opportunity to experience that myself first hand. Unlike most travellers who take the route from the capital, we drove into Switzerland from the France border. A long but beautiful drive, brought us to my favourite place in Central Europe – Interlaken.

Nature at its best

When I looked at her from a distance, the sleepy hamlet looked like it was just about to break into dust. But I must say an epic sight to witness, especially when I had just arrived into this city. All the merry-making began, my friends and I were excited to explore the city before we climb the Swiss Alps tomorrow.

Interlaken!!! The view from my window was surreal. Clouds floating across the glass window, swiss bells ringing and an air of freshness, everything around me seemed so very blissful. Somewhere I felt really happy that I choose to stay in a less busier city than the usual over crowded metropolitans.

1466209_10152011712615789_2015710614_n 1450257_10152011717390789_584574982_n

Three trains up the mountains and then its just about walking around the Top of Europe. Jungfrau you’re the best I have ever seen. More than 13,000 feet above sea level this peak was an incredible climb. As for first timers, those with heart or breathing disorders need to keep their oxygen supplies intact, as the air only got thinner as we climbed above. Some of my mates, were finding it difficult to breathe and I do not advise anyone else to go through that. After the might climb, it was time to head downwards to the city again. And that was another fun-filled ride with some amazing people I met on the climb.

Switzerland borders itself with a several European countries, so the cuisine is pretty European as well. I’d like to share some food images below. I have tried the swiss version of Fish & Chips, followed by some spaghetti and char grilled beef in gravy. To sum it up, the food is delicious but I must admit I was extremely hungry both times.

Food Swiss 1455900_10152011717070789_25681584_n

Good bye! None of those swiss chocolates came back home with me. They were exceptionally tempting, and I only got memories of them back with me. In all Switzerland, is a true natural wonder and one of the places you should visit.


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  1. May 24, 2015 / 8:05 am

    I’ve been wanting to go to Switzerland for the longest time ever (siblings went without me 🙁 ). I really like your ushanka hat (yes I googled it).

    • May 24, 2015 / 3:07 pm

      Lol! I loved it too! I mean it was all really beautiful. You must visit Interlaken in Switzerland its immensely beautiful 🙂